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Much is said, but very little is known about the mysterious city of Machineville. Located in the secretive Tortoise Islands, the metropolis is now populated entirely by robots and cyborgs. Few humans have tried to visit there in the last decade or so, and even fewer have survived to tell the tale. The city is now perceived to be a serious and major threat to world stability, and the United Nations has several times requested permission to send observers to monitor the city. These requests have so far been ignored.

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The city has long operated autonomously (though this is strongly disputed by the Tortoise Islands' government, which still claims jurisdiction). Machineville is located on the south edge of the Demilitarized Zone on the north island, leading to a significant and worrisome military buildup on both sides. In the latest assessments, the potential for conflict is escalating.

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Machineville robots are considered by defense analysts to be the most advanced in the world. A robot that short-circuited during a raid on a power station in Sao Paolo in 1992 was captured and examined by the Brazilian Government. Defense scientists in Rio de Janeiro unanimously concluded that the sophisticated circuitry & technology was at least 10 years in advance of robotics in Russia, Japan and the United States. The hydraulic systems and armor protection technology were assessed to be far in advance of anything currently known to human engineering.

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Unfortunately that robot self-destructed three days later, and the technology was never able to be examined in forensic detail. A very rare opportunity to learn more about Machineville and what is actually happening in the city was thus unfortunately lost. It is known that Kingpin Tin operates a massive computer network in the region, and he is suspected by some agencies of somehow infiltrating and monitoring the latest tech secrets of major labs and government institutions worldwide, in real time. This has led to the hypothesis that he is operating a "mirror" of the entire Internet with the assistance of truly massive algorithms that bypass all known encryption systems to infiltrate every website in existence.


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More than 12 super-factories are now known to be engaged in round the clock production constructing the next generation of ultra tech robots. A very wide variety of robots and cyborgs are believed to be under research, development and implementation. Aerial surveillance photos taken by Loungecast recently indicate that a further three "factory like" construction sites are being built — presumably to dramatically increase capabilities.

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Machineville infrastructure extends deep underground, projected to be deeper than one mile (1.6km). Robotics production is now fully integrated within the field, with production commencing at the islands' extensive iron ore, neo-dymium & platinum mines, powered by an array of volcanic geothermal energy, fully staffed & defended by proprietary next gen robots and implementing the lastest leading edge technology solutions developed and overseen by Kingpin Tin.

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